Friday, August 16, 2013

Two years

Sometimes when we are too busy with life, we often forget something that was used to be important to us.
The very last time i wrote a post was 2011 where there was quite a drastic ups and downs in my life.
No matter what, life still goes on and i really appreciate everything that i have now.
-My Family ( Dad & Brother )
-My boyfriend
-My bestfriends
-My coursemates and everyone that never leave me
Thank you for supporting me all these while.

Life might be tough but i really enjoyed every little moment of it as we only live once.

During the past two years, I have visited numerous of places with my bunch of colleagues and my boyfriend and i could say that they were all awesome.

Penang during my first year

Langkawi during the first four months break

My beloved coursemates ( Langkawi )

Malacca during mid-semester break ( second year 1st semester )

Recreation and Adventure camp during my second year 1st semester
(Bukit Larut,Taiping)

No matter how much someone changes with time, but the friendship between us will never change.


2012 ( taken during puileng's birthday )



And i believe that there will be more memories of us no matter how far we will be separated. 
All the best in your studies girls! We will meet again! :D

Not to forget, there is a new member in my family after the my grandmother passed away.
I hope it will replace her and accompany us. :)
There, the picture of him! 
His name is Oreo.

Last but not least, my love story.
We have been together for 1 year and 4 months.
I love him so much and thank you for pampering me and love me so much too!
We can be bestfriends who jokes around, enemy when we argue, lover when we are together!
I will cherish this love and creates more memories for us and keep it in heart.

1 year anniversary

our birthday celebration in 2012

I love you!

Signed out
With love,

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pangkor ( 2 days 1 night )


My first trip with my Ipoh buddies
( Phang, Vizent, Ivan, Alson, Chow, Lijuan, Danny )
It was such a memorable trip!
We reached the jetty around 11.50am and we took a ferry to Pangkor Island around 12pm.

Pictures in the ferry! :D

Then we went to visit all the special places in Pangkor.
Pangkor 1 day trip!

We have our own colors, routes and desires!
A place call temple.haha.

We believe we can reach for the top, SOMEDAY! :D

PEACE in Pangkor!

Our own characteristics and personalities!
Who is the best actor? xD

White Beach!
Sunshine,sand and sea.

Last but not least,
Our last picture...
The beach.
Our youths..bring cheers to the beach.

Hereby,we say goodbye to PANGKOR!

we will sign in again in the next agenda.
wait for us,PANGKOR!


Time flies.
In a blink of eye,
I'm already in foundation 3rd semester.
My result for 2nd semester was out yesterday.
It was not that good as I expected.
But past is the past.
I can't do anything right?
Just set my aim and strive harder this time.
Hope that I can reach HIGHER!
I will never give up!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


There goes my pre-calculus and english 1 dying badly!
But past is the past.
I won't give up for another two more subjects.
Chemistry tomorrow and physics on sunday.
God bless me!

Today I'm feeling much better but still got Upset stomach. Sigh!
Anyway, thanks to dad a lot for taking me home yesterday.
And grandma for her sweet porridge.
Your concern make me wanna recover faster :D
I love you dad,grandma and all my friends.

These days i felt very lonely.
I could just look at him from a distance.
Mooncake festival is coming soon.
In one way,I'm really happy.
I get to go home to where i belonged.
And in chinese calender,it is my birthday.
My family will definitely take my brother and I to have dinner.
On the other hand I am worrying.
I want to sms him that day and wish him.
I hope he'll reply me.

The weather seems to be so cold to me.
I couldn't find the warm.
When will the sun give me back the warm that i love so much?

I have so much to tell you.
Those silence words.
Besides you.
I won't tell anyone else.
Please be a good listener and listen to my heart.
My Words
My Minds
My heart


signed off~

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Today im really suffering.
Everything comes in the wrong time!
Tomorrow is my exam!
I must study hard!
Luckily im feeling much better now.

I miss him.
He used to tell me that we are far apart in distance but never in hearts
Although now we didn't even chat at all.
But i still can feel him.
I believe true love is never endless right?
I just love the way he is.
I am sure that one day i'll find him back.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Today I went to Jusco to watch final destination 5.
There were 4 of us.
Vaan,lizzie,CheeKit,and me~
It was disgusting! YUCKS~
I should have stay at my house and study!
Have a wonderful day anyway!
Thank you brother for treating me the movie!
I love you!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Mood

Hmm. It is currently early in the morning.

3.08 am - 26/08/2011

I'm still staying awake listening to '' I love you '' song~
Such a meaningful song..
I have enjoyed 6 hours of watching the drama '' MY FAIR LADY ''
The whole drama is just so sweet and touching.
I shall laugh at myself.
Somehow crying and laughing watching that drama.LOL
how could i have such a funny character?

I'm still feeling hungry.
A cup mee for dinner was just not enough for a teenager like me. xD
But my room have no more cup mee.
Only chocolates left~
I don't wanna eat chocolates.
What if later i grow fat? AILKS.Hate it
shall i just sleep? lol.

Just finished packing my stuffs. I can't wait to go home tomorrow for holidays!
MISS all my friends

Monday, August 22, 2011


Tuesday, 23-August-2011
Currently 1.32 AM

There I'm still '' SS '' -ing with my webcam!

These days I'm having so much fun with my bunch of new friends!
I love them! :DDD

Our lunch , beloved MCD! <3

After lunch, time for some fun~

Playing around at the UTP's playground. HAHA.

The most beautiful scenery that i loved in UTP!
peaceful,tranquility,and beautiful!
love it!


the end~

Study week is coming soon!
I'm gonna miss my friends for a week! <3
But I'm happy too.because i get to meet back my friends who are in ipoh.
Must study hard in that week~
Looking forward for it.
Gonna write more next time :D

Signing off~
with love,