Monday, August 22, 2011


Tuesday, 23-August-2011
Currently 1.32 AM

There I'm still '' SS '' -ing with my webcam!

These days I'm having so much fun with my bunch of new friends!
I love them! :DDD

Our lunch , beloved MCD! <3

After lunch, time for some fun~

Playing around at the UTP's playground. HAHA.

The most beautiful scenery that i loved in UTP!
peaceful,tranquility,and beautiful!
love it!


the end~

Study week is coming soon!
I'm gonna miss my friends for a week! <3
But I'm happy too.because i get to meet back my friends who are in ipoh.
Must study hard in that week~
Looking forward for it.
Gonna write more next time :D

Signing off~
with love,


blue mice army said...

dun shiok sendiri too much ya~
bad for health~ haha~ >///<

Ivan Tan said...

happy to know you're enjoying there~ =)

yUnA-ChAn said...

blue mice > haha.okayy.but i really like to SS. blek

Ivan > hehe. I'm quite happy over here er. but i miss you guys! :DD