Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Mood

Hmm. It is currently early in the morning.

3.08 am - 26/08/2011

I'm still staying awake listening to '' I love you '' song~
Such a meaningful song..
I have enjoyed 6 hours of watching the drama '' MY FAIR LADY ''
The whole drama is just so sweet and touching.
I shall laugh at myself.
Somehow crying and laughing watching that drama.LOL
how could i have such a funny character?

I'm still feeling hungry.
A cup mee for dinner was just not enough for a teenager like me. xD
But my room have no more cup mee.
Only chocolates left~
I don't wanna eat chocolates.
What if later i grow fat? AILKS.Hate it
shall i just sleep? lol.

Just finished packing my stuffs. I can't wait to go home tomorrow for holidays!
MISS all my friends


blue mice army said...

happy holidays~
cup mee n chocolate will both make u fat de lol~
bt if compared, chocolate is better leh~
i eat cup mee during foundation, nw eat til dun1 to eat anymore liao~

yUnA-ChAn said...

haha.happy holidays to you too er! :DDD