Thursday, September 8, 2011


There goes my pre-calculus and english 1 dying badly!
But past is the past.
I won't give up for another two more subjects.
Chemistry tomorrow and physics on sunday.
God bless me!

Today I'm feeling much better but still got Upset stomach. Sigh!
Anyway, thanks to dad a lot for taking me home yesterday.
And grandma for her sweet porridge.
Your concern make me wanna recover faster :D
I love you dad,grandma and all my friends.

These days i felt very lonely.
I could just look at him from a distance.
Mooncake festival is coming soon.
In one way,I'm really happy.
I get to go home to where i belonged.
And in chinese calender,it is my birthday.
My family will definitely take my brother and I to have dinner.
On the other hand I am worrying.
I want to sms him that day and wish him.
I hope he'll reply me.

The weather seems to be so cold to me.
I couldn't find the warm.
When will the sun give me back the warm that i love so much?

I have so much to tell you.
Those silence words.
Besides you.
I won't tell anyone else.
Please be a good listener and listen to my heart.
My Words
My Minds
My heart


signed off~


•··´¿TîkµzZ™··• said...

hey, happy chinese birthday =)

u r not lonely la...

u have alot of frens around u who support u...

if u need any help, i'll help u for sure...^^

dun gv up, u have all my support....just do ur best and study back the pass yr papers i gave u....

^^ take care o and get well turn to get sick alredi.... could be u who infect me...ish!!

haha...good luck and all d best....

san san said...

agree with tikuz~ u hav us mah =)
if u feel wanna chat with someone can find me o^^
i don't know who is the ppl u mentioned but i wish u happy always..
good luck for uor exam~
n finally~
may God bless you ^~^

yUnA-ChAn said...

thank you for everyone who is supporting me. thank you so much!
vincent > I will study back those past year papers.
sansan > haha.that day i still have fever.and i really use a tower to cover my forehead like you said! HEHE. really feeling much better and could sleep nicely o. Thanks a lot! <3