Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pangkor ( 2 days 1 night )


My first trip with my Ipoh buddies
( Phang, Vizent, Ivan, Alson, Chow, Lijuan, Danny )
It was such a memorable trip!
We reached the jetty around 11.50am and we took a ferry to Pangkor Island around 12pm.

Pictures in the ferry! :D

Then we went to visit all the special places in Pangkor.
Pangkor 1 day trip!

We have our own colors, routes and desires!
A place call temple.haha.

We believe we can reach for the top, SOMEDAY! :D

PEACE in Pangkor!

Our own characteristics and personalities!
Who is the best actor? xD

White Beach!
Sunshine,sand and sea.

Last but not least,
Our last picture...
The beach.
Our youths..bring cheers to the beach.

Hereby,we say goodbye to PANGKOR!

we will sign in again in the next agenda.
wait for us,PANGKOR!

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