Monday, August 1, 2011

My drama performance

Guns And Roses

Title of the drama : Death by Scrabble

I am the narrator aka the the blind beggar who is telling an interesting story after fail to play violin to earn some money.
The husband is acted out by Calvin Low.
While the wife is Iman.
The husband's spirits are Dexter and Wong.
The score board is Sumita
Last but not least,the letters are Robin and Nizarul

I was so scared in the beginning that i was almost shaking >.<
But it ended up quite nice!
because all of us have really cooperate with each other!
I'm so glad.
Thank you everyone~


blue mice army said...

happy leh, cuz kelvinder din call his frenz go~

yUnA-ChAn said...

yeah.xD. if not i'll die.xD