Thursday, July 21, 2011

My life in UTP

My physics lab experiment
My first time no need to draw graph by myself!!

Euphonious night

I love this band! :DD
Spent my Friday night in UTP watching bands. hees!

The cello player and my cousin brother after euphonious.

First birthday party in UTP - Memories

Singing birthday song after our exam! :DD

Happy birthday to Yin Chung ( CE )

* Pictures credited to Wei Qin *

Another outing before mid term sem break

With seniors
( Suk Xuan , Vy , Ha )
Nice to get to meet you guys! :D
( Picture taken by me )

Dare to Dream's family day!
Having steamboat party at V1 Cafe!
get to know more seniors in UTP!
Memorable day~

I guess that's all happenings in my life in UTP
Although sometime i do have fun,
But i really miss home.
And him..

Signing off~


blue mice army said...

obedient wor~
haha, rmb put more of ur shoot ya~
btw, miss him nw n forget him later bah~
i m working on it too~
^^, hope i din misunderstand ur meaning~
want noe my story?
google translate my blog bah~

yUnA-ChAn said...

haha..i'll try hard! :DD
lol.lazy la!
write in english laa.xD

blue mice army said...

bt my emotion more easy to express using mandarin lol~
sry ya~
learn lah^^

yUnA-ChAn said...

haha. i'll learn.xD

san san said...

u r pui san?

yUnA-ChAn said...