Sunday, January 2, 2011

There! everyone has started schooling and yet I'm still sitting at home! :D

It seems like I have been working at the clinic for 14 days!
I have seen numerous type of human beings either typical or starcastic and yet some are quite friendly too.
Fortunately,the other workers are extremely friendly,kind and willing to teach me.Thanks to them.if not,i guess i would be having a great hard time now.xD
I have learnt a lot in these 14 days.

I have learnt how to insert the Polyurethane with gel into the vagina for the vagina's pH test.
lolx.somehow,it was quite scaryy too.xD
Moreover,I also get used to the medicines' name and their functions.xD
And sometimes I do can help during dressing~~xD

I hope i can learn more in the coming days.:D
looking forward to it.^^

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