Wednesday, July 21, 2010


It's has been quite sometime since my last post.


I went for a movie with my friends,'' Phang '' , '' Ivan '' , '' Vizent '' ,bro '' Vaan '' and sou '' lizhi ''.
Feeling quite absurd yet guilty when they were trying to buy Ivan a ticket.
I guess I should give them my ticket instead.
It's heartless to separate them.
At last,we watched '' INCEPTION '' which was actually being recognized by my brother.lolx.
Mostly,through out the movie,it was about dream.
Sometimes,I wonder...Will dreams really come true?
I hope they do..The movie was quite bored for me,but their graphical was amazing.
It was indeed an eye opener for me.
Anyway,it was my first time going for a movie with 3 tickets and 4 people enter.
And lady luck was definitely on our side!
We got our seats.xD!
Thank you phang for bringing me into another cinema to watch '' Tong bak fu ''.haha.

18/07/2010 - Ipoh International Run

Woke up at 6.15 a.m!!Oh gosh!! and the run start at 6.45 a.m!!
I'm going to be late.=.=
Luckily,i arrived there and get to register before the run start.xD
I never run much because of my asthma.
I'm sorry , Phang~
you don't have to really accompany me.
haix.feeling guilty again.
keep on apologizing through out the journey.
anyway,i was really feeling great that day.
can do some exercise in such glorious morning and breathing in invigorating air.
Love the cold icy soft breeze blowing touches my skin.
And grateful for getting certificate of completing the 10 km journey in 80 minutes.
Actually we completed the journey in more than 2 hours.HAHAHA.

Trial coming soon.
getting nervous, nervous and nervous.
16/08/2010 - good luck everyone!!

19/07/2010-cried in school
when the food split over my uniform.argh...dirtyyy dirtyy!!!
spent few minutes in the toilet washing it.
haixx..I hate getting dirty!!
and i'm sorry for making you so terrified of me.
haix.feeling guilty again when i saw her picture.
You shouldn't have injured your hand because of me.
I'm really sorry.

My regards of the day
-Happy Birthday to HILDHA CROSS-

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