Wednesday, June 16, 2010

K-box season 2

14/06/2010-Hang out

When we arrived parade at 12.00pm,the first person we met was '' tree ling ee'' were extremely cute that day especially when you waved hello and smile at me..haha..It's has been quite sometime since i saw her last time at parade.haha.seems like we did have fate right?xD.haha..

Then we went for our brunch..

Then we went to k-box.Out of blue,my friends shouted ''IVAN's name'' aloud.Haha.We met Eon,Ivan,Joe hang,Wai H0ong and a few others that we don't know under this unusual circumstance..haha..After greeting them,we went into k-box and sang for 6 hours from 1pm to 7 pm.LOL..But puileng and I went home early,due to her mother disallowance and my tuition at 7.30 pm.haha.

The pictures of the day

>Chook and P.S<

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