Monday, February 22, 2010

My days

Chinese New Year 2010
was amazing!
I enjoyed every second of it.
Especially with you.
Do you know?
The time i spent with you.
Although it is so short and simple...
But it is so sweet.
I love it immensely~
The first time i feel your body temperature.
It so warm and comfortable.
I hope i can touch your heart.
And love you like always I do.

The nights.
I love having a pillow talk with you.
You are so sweet.
The smile of yours
sweetier than the honey.
I don't know why..
Although this is the first time i met you in real.
I felt comfortable to be with you.
To chat with you.
And to share my secrets with you.
I'll miss the day.
Hanging out with you.
Take care~

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