Monday, February 22, 2010


Please fuck off from my msn,you jerk!
Don't disturb me. says:
*hey whats up?
♀ [pUiSaN] ♀ says:
*who r u? says:
*hey, how are you? did you get my invite?
♀ [pUiSaN] ♀ says:
*im fine
*who r u oh? says:
*ok, i found your profile on MSN, decided to add you lol
♀ [pUiSaN] ♀ says:
* says:
*:P, so you bored? wanna have some fun lol, ima little drunk, and its no fun being drunk and bored at the same time... maybe we can cam2cam
♀ [pUiSaN] ♀ says:
*no nid
*thanks says:
*ok here, just accept this invite on MWC its free and everything so don't worry, i just like using MWC instead of MSN because creeps can't record me..


Ivan Tan said...

Those are computer generated website bugs. They will auto chat with u but they are not real person. Dont u realise their language is so nice and they are not even using a single short form? Change yr password will help perhaps.

yUnA-ChAn said...

oh.icic.thanks for your information.xD