Friday, December 25, 2009

Trip of the day.XD

Venue : Lost World
Friends of the day : Esther,Charmaine,nike,eon,vizent,chuah and an unknown aka tang sou.haha..

It was a fine cloudy day.
I could smell the invigorating air of the nature.
The smell of the fragile human beings.
The warm of my beloved friends..^.^
Somehow,it made me smile when i recall back the day.
It was my first time been to the splendour lost world,and I have never thought that i could have that chance to go there without my parents around.
Talking about the day,I really did enjoyed immensely..
We really had a gala time there.
Let me share some of my new experience in lost world with u,my dear..^^
Swimming about in a handmade beach of lost world was quite something..
Splashing water at each other and jokes around made our day to be more fun.XD
Then,we walked around in lost world under unconscious state after playing that what human beings called it as ''Hoi dou Shun''..(It was my first time too)XD
I did not really shout yet i did smile when i saw nike's funny antics..haha..
We checked out every plant that we came across and would certainly make some gags of the day..^.^
After all,we decided to go for the sliding things,that was certainly look exciting and scary of course.haha..
First pair : nike & charmaine (sweet)^^
Second pair : Esther & puisan (nice)
Third pair : vizent and tang sou.XD (silly)
Fourth pair : eon and chuah (kind of serious)
One thing that i was fallen aback was that we had to take that heavy float to the top..
My jaw dropped when i heard that..How could i carry something like that??>.
Moreover,that bad vizent and .... even cut our way instead of helping us.ailks...
Luckily,lady lucky was on our side..We had chuah helping us..XD!
He was such a gentleman to me,i guess...XD
Then,we played a game designed by eon,something like kid's game..but it was fun and TIRING.
haha.running about in the soft talcum sand to catch that little monster, vizent..haha..
Then,we had another game,something like ''jiong mun yan geh lat lat sushi''..XD
erm,that game er.being reprimanded by eon of my slow motion of taking up the hand..
and our soft voices..(chuah & I)haha..
I bet that was what i enjoyed the most..^^..splashing water around...
The games rejuvenated us greatly..
I love playing around with you all..
Last,concluded my friends..
*Esther* .... friendly
*Charmaine* .... playful & friendly (love her)
*nike* .... nice guy.^^
*vizent* .... playful but nice..kind of love playing with him
*chuah* .... a gentleman and playful too..but he is very nice .. miss playing with him..^^
*eon* .... serious although with his gags around..haha..intersting guys.^^
*unknown* .... do take care of me.THANK YOU oh!^^

First pair : nike & charmaine

Second pair : esther and puisan.^^

Third pair : vizent & unknown aka tang sou.XD

Fourth pair :eon & chuah.

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