Monday, December 28, 2009

Penang trip

27th & 28th/12/2009
Hotel :B-SUITE

This is my second trip in my holidays after going to Kuala Lumpur a few weeks ago.
On the first day,we went to an enormous restaurant..
From the outside view of the restaurant,it looks like a pub.
When we went in,it looks like a japanese restaurant.
And the weirdest part is that...THE FOODS ARE THAILAND FOODS..
=.=!!sweat...My bro ate like crazy..really sweat..=.=
At night,we went to a grand hotel for a buffet dinner at the REVOLVING RESTARURANT.
The night view of penang is really beautiful and indeed spectacular for my fatigued eyes..
But the price per person was quite expensive..haix..
RM65+ per person..>.<

Second day..
We went to queenbay mall because of the limited time we have
As usual,i love shopping.XD
I bought a few clothes..cost me around RM200+
But i think it was much better to shop in penang as one t-shirt cost me around RM50+.
Rather than in KL,one mini skirt cost me around RM100+~ was flying away~~
After shopping,we went to KFC for lunch due to our busy schedule..
But what i was fallen aback was when my aunty brought us for a korean lunch..OMG
My stomach was almost burst under this unusual
That's was my day in penang..EAT AND EAT AND EAT..
>.<..growing fatter day by day..sobs~
Miss my friends..^^

sign off...

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