Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My heart..


I was hurt in both physically and mentally..

I fall down from the stairs..and my legs injured..
My fragile body collapsed and now,my legs were excruciating...
It was embarrassing..
I wanted to cry out scared and embarrassed..
I don't want all my loved ones to have an unduly worry for me..
The pain will keep within my heart of hearts..

On the same day,i hurt a guy..
Im always carrying the principle of life..being kind to everyone..
That's what my mother want me to do for my entire life as she can't make it..
I really want my mother happy and proud to have a daughter like me..
She had suffered much for me..born me..and sacrifice her life for me..
MUM...I LOVE YOU matter where you are..your smile always carve in my mind..
No one can replace you..
But..what i had done today..i felt sorry..
Sorry for him..Sorry for mum..Sorry for everyone..
Im really bad and stupid after all..
My tears aren't kind..they are useless..
MUM,please.come back to me..I need your everyone else..
My heart has lost..I really don't know what to do..
I scared I will hurt more people..
Im sorry.........
I will swallow all the with me..

sign off

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