Thursday, December 10, 2009



Talking about holidays make me sick..
Sick of boredom.
I bare the lonely days of solitary and companionless in house..
Maybe i was just too much to be complained of...haha..
I really love having December by my side..
Where i can see..
White soft mushy snow scatter around...filling the ambience..
I really love this kind of feelings..
Although everything was just an imagination...
I hope...I can dream a little longer...
Before i wake face the astound reality..
I heart sank when i recall the past..
After going through all these,I realized I had became more mature..
Although it might just be a little..
But i'm really glad...
I hope my holidays would fill with joys and memorable moments to be kept deep within my heart of hearts before I left..
Missing my friends..^^

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