Sunday, November 8, 2009

haphazard post^^hectic lifestyle

A random day~

everything came in a hurry today~~

8am>wake up..tiring..exhausted..
8.30>Having breakfast with family
9.00>accompany grandmother to the clinic in oldtown.
10.00>arrive home,bath..
11.30>go out with friend to the nearest cake shop and drop by to buy a cake.
12.00pm>arrive parade.
1.00>eating at marrybrown..bored~~
1.00-5.00>hanging around..looking for nice stuffs..
6.00pm>go home..being scolded by grandmother..for coming home late..(omg)
7.30>go out to jusco
10.30pm>arrive home!!extremely tired!!XD

What an exhausted day~~^^

Picture of the day...

Taking picture at marrybrown.bored~^^

Trying clothes~^^

A balloon given by an uncle..(who aspect me to call him lengzhai)haha..

Learning how to sew.hehe!!

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