Wednesday, October 27, 2010


27/10/2010 - Wednesday

At last , i have to leave CA LAU.
6 years of memories at there were the best happening in my life!
Although , I feel heavy to leave.
But you are right
We must accept the fact that good things will definitely come to an end one day.
We shall walk on our own.
In a blink of eye,I'm already 17 years old.
You always teach us to be mature.
I knew..
I'm no longer a child under my parents' blanket.
I shall work hard on my own for my future.
I can't be that dependable anymore.
But my heart aches.
I just want to share all my pain,sorrow,agony,jubilant,happiness and laughter with you once again.

You used to tease me.
And bully others.
But all of us know.
that you always wish to see that one day,we can become a successful person.
Although I know that your kindness,I can never pay it with money.
But i will work hard for my future.
You don't have to worry us anymore.
You don't have to nag us like a child anymore.

Thank you for all your advices.
You have helped us so much.

I would like to apologize
'' if i hurt your feelings ''
'' if i did something wrong before ''
please forgive me
Your forgiveness is the best gift for me.

Take care MR LAU.
Best wishes in the future.
Take care of your health.

I guess.
I won't be crying after this.
But my heart really heavy to leave you.
My tears isn't for sadness
But it was tears of being touched by all your actions.
I won't forget how you hold our hands and teach us how to walk in the journey of life.
thank you immensely~~

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