Sunday, September 5, 2010


Monday - 6/09/2010

Today's weather is quite gloomy.
I couldn't see the sun clearly.
It is just in the midst of blurry.
Laziness glows again.
Boredom engulf my soul.
Thus,i decided to blogger!

hmm,yesterday was quite fun.
enjoyed the ambience of a party.
have a lot of fun.
especially gave '' nike '' a surprise!!
He jumped in despair of shock shouldn't have walked with your shoes sliding the floor.
It was easy for us to discover that it was you.
Next time you don't have to revenge laaaa....

I just receive another two invitation events today.

Tuesday - 7/09/2010

Wednesday - 8/09/2010

hmm.still in pending.

out to game again.

P.S - Missing you

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