Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rainy day.


As usual,i stayed back for the marching practise today.
It was a different me,that i enjoyed the marching today. (^.^)
I bet this is my first time having so much of fun in school from the day we started our school days.
Maybe all was due to the kind weather today.
I love you..My dear rain..
You make my fragile body to soften..after along torturing days.
I love the way you cold down my body temperature.
kisses my skin gently...
I love the way you do..
having you by my side make me feel much comfortable..
Although sometimes,i feel lonely..
But when i hear your voice..dripping down in silent..
The icy cold breeze that you make..touches my skin rejuvenated me greatly..
Please..stay by my side forever..
i love dancing in the rain..
crying with you is my pleasant..^^..

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