Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ideal way of gettting purpose

We are childhood friend. We used to play, play house together under the big shady tree at the playground. He is the only guy I know that love pink a lot and we used to hang out after school. The place where we used to hang out is “k-box”. Everytime, he sings I will definitely fall for him! I believed no girls can refuse him when he sings, especially when he stared through your eyes…

He was fortunate on that day because a music producer heard his singing n interested in signing a contract with him. He was on cloud nine and a few days later he went to the office n signed the contract. Soon he became busy with all de jobs that he have and we rarely get a chance to hang out together. A few months later, he moved to another school and from that day onwards I never saw him anymore.

Later when in college, there was a guy that was deeply in love with me. He proposed to me many times, but each and everytime, I rejected him. I told him my heart belongs to someone else. One day, when I was watching TV, I saw my friend on air at the interview! I became curious and I started to pay attention to it. Suddenly the host asked a question that I was logging to know the answer. The question sound like this, “XXX, have you ever fall in love before?” He kept quiet for a moment and answered, “Yes, and I still love her.” He continued, “I hope she is watching this interview because I would like to say to her that I would like to meet her after a long time.”

Suddenly he asked the host whether he could talk something to her through here. The host nodded. He took a deep breath before he says this words out, “………, can I meet you at the magical tree where we used to hang out? I will meet you today at 9 p.m.” I was on top of the world when he eventually told my nickname. The girl that he has loved is actually me! I looked the clock and it is sharp 5 p.m. I just left a few more hours to dress myself!!

I rushed to my room and opened my closet to find the best dress I have. I dressed up myself. I took around 3 hours to dress up myself! The longest time I ever took to dress up. I took a cab there. Upon reaching, my heart pumped furiously. I took a deep breath before I got down from the cab and I was immensely attracted by the decorations. It was all decorated with lights and of course things that won’t be forgotten are the pink balloons.

I saw him waiting for me at the magical tree. He prepared a candle-light dinner. During the dinner both of us kept asking each other how was life going on. After the dinner, he requested to bring me to a place and he wished that he could blind-folded me before I reach there. I agreed with him. After walking a few minutes, he unfolded me. It was an organ in front of me! I asked him how come an organ will appear here. He says he will sing a song for me and it is specially made for me. He says I’m the only one who will get to hear this song. The song title was “You Are the Only One.” He sang it and the rhythm was so smooth to be heard.

After the song ended, he kneeled down and asked me, “………, will you marry me?” Although I din expect it to happen but without any hesitation I answered, “I do.” =)

~ Lynne Ng

~ Lynne Ng

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