Friday, February 5, 2010

He And I

He had left for 33 days..
Somewhere that i can't be reached..
I'm walking slowly down to the path that never ends.
Time can erase everything..
Happiness or sadness..
Just a word to describe an insignificant event..
That none of us would remember.
We meet when the time comes.
But we seperate when the time goes..
There are no ending for both of us.
I can't resist to look into ur beautiful black watery eyes again..
That could grab my heart and soul..
But everything is just like a dream.
That soon,
Both of us will be awaken.
and realize that it was a dream.
A dream of imaginary.
A dream of sadness.
I couldn't utter a word..
I keep the silence in my heart.
We are far apart..
I miss you..
Love you..

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