Thursday, February 11, 2010


Today,our english teacher had divided us into several groups for our english ULBS(oral).
My group members are MisS DaYaNg..MiSs ShutiNg..and I.xD

And of course our topic is
such an interesting topic choosen by Miss DaYang.haha.

And these are the information that i had found.xD

*How to overcome nervousness during dating*
  1. Practice going on dates - even if it´s just with a friend or someone you know well. Think of how you´d act, or what you´d say, and get used to the "being out together" feeling.
  2. Try to have fun by relaxing yourself during the date.

*How to on talking to your date*
  1. Be relaxed.If you find yourself tongue tied and tense just be relaxed by inhaling some invigorating air.
  2. Be about things u like and always be considerate to what a girl has to say.girls like a guy who listens.
  3. don't ask a girl if she plucks her eyebrows! and don't tell her to change her hair colour.don't say u would look better if u had high lights in ur hair!
  4. Be confident to yourself.
  5. play with her hair. She will love it!.
  6. Do not be too available.If you are too available, your partner might think thay you are desperate. Be available but not always.
  7. You can have some word game with ur date

*First hug/kiss*
  1. Be Comfortable.Find a quiet spot to do the first hug/kiss, and don´t try to ´rush it´ before some sort of deadline. If you have peace, quiet, and time, it´ll make it much more relaxing, and have a better chance that you´ll both enjoy it more!
  2. guys only.Go make ur girl get something then after like 2 minuter go get her. Sneak behind her and hug her around her waist. Whisper something like sorry i missed you and kiss.
  3. Girls only.first off be in a place where you both are alone. drop something on the floor. Make sure your hands touch when you both try to pick it up than if your exremly confident lean in close your eyes & kiss him.
Additional tips
For girls only
*Going for first date*

When you are on your first date u should wear a very dressy outfit like (ex: Long church dress). Then he will LOVE YOU AND BE LIKE WOW!!!!! You must also lift your dress up a little and show some thigh, he will be very pleased by your outgoingness. Your man then will ask you out! Ive done this tip and it worked! He totally thought i was HOTTT!!!!!!!

When having your first kiss with your special someone, u should probably make him kiss u first so like if u have braces then u dont hurt him. But u drop something bend over and make sure your butt is out and let him look. He will be very pleased. Then u got your first kiss!

You should run up to him and just hug him and whisper in his ear I LOVE YOU! Hope he says it bak or ull be left in the dark. it should work

That's all.xD.
Enjoy your date.xD

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