Wednesday, February 10, 2010

CnY mood.xD

In the library..

Lesson : Moral
People involved : Shu ting & Elaine & Jess Tang & Yan & Puisan(I) xD
Unfortunately..our little princess is having stomachache that she can't join us.xD

Aww..that time everyone's stomach is cracking for foods!!!
We were so extremely hungry...argh~~~
especially when we were talking about those biscuits for CNY!!
I really can't resist to stay any longer from the yummy yummy chinese biscuits..
awww....I wish i could have one now...
Everyone is boasting about how well they know how to make those biscuits..
know you are good in cooking..
One of our interesting conversation :

elaine : jess is going to make some cookies for her BOYFRIEND(valentine gift)!!
I : to make huh?
Shu ting : Oh...cookies?..very easy only..
jess : speechless
elaine : erm,the most important thing in making cookies is oven.
The others just follow the recipe.
I : ''swt''..But last time i make those chocolate cakes also nt successful de.
Although I had followed the instructions in the recipe.
Elaine : haha.
(then she continues again with the same advice '' most important is the oven'' LOL)

Then continue with their cooking experince.swt.=.=!!
What a really sweating day.xD

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