Monday, January 11, 2010



I was lost and devastated..
I knelt down and wept my heart out..
Tears kept trickling down slowly like rivulets on my cheeks..
But no one would ever know that..
That Im tired..
I could not resist those bundle of assignments anymore..
Dad,i need a rest..
I bet i really need a long rest indeed..
A rest that i could forget all the scars that craved in my heart..
A rest that i can stay away from you..
Im really tired of crying alone in the late nights..It was exhausted..
Living in an isolated world of my own..
Was terrible..
Im foolish and selfish..
I could not resist catching up with you again..
Smiling with you..
Laughing with you..
Chatting with you..
Missing you days and nights..
But i know that I can't..
My heart wept in silence..
I will keep smiling as smiles hidden sorrows.
The gaps between us..
can't be reached..
But my heart is reaching you..
I hope i can cry on your shoulders..
hugging you with my lonely heart..
Loving you with my soul..
sign off~

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