Saturday, October 31, 2009

enormous wedding dinner..keke


Today i had skipped my tuition..^^
I had much to prepare.
1)clean up my guests would come in any minute
2)go to saloon to perm my hair..and adjust a little.hehe^^

but..before I continue my list..everything came in a hurry..
my aunty arrived without our expectation..
she came early to help us to clean the house.
At last,we did not go to the saloon..^^(as i expected)

In the night,the wedding dinner night..
Everyone was elegantly dressed and they did put some make up...
As for me..i wore a pink dress..with lots layer..
a pink shoes..a pink watch and a red ruby as the necklace..
As everyone came,they did praised me..that i looked even much prettier than last time..
I was really happy er..
not because they praise me..But they did notice about me..that last time did not..^^
I really enjoyed the dinner..
I love all of you..
my family...
my siblings...
my cousins....
you are everything to me..
thank you for the day...

Would love you forever~~
And eternity.......^.^

signing of~

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